Lexar Sets the Bar on CF Card Storage Capacity 0

The advent of 1080p video into the world of DSLR’s brought on many challenges, and one of the most pressing was the need for storage space. With the size of RAW 1080p video at 24fps running in the several gigs per second, it’s no surprise that, alongside speed improvements, we are now seeing more and more storage.

In keeping with this tradition and, perhaps, in an attempt to stave off the threat posed by XQD cards, Lexar has just announced a 256GB CF card to be released in the first half of this year. The card is rumored to have a minimum transfer speed of 60MB/s, and while Lexar has yet to announce a price, speculation has the card sitting somewhere in the $900-$1000 range.

Needless to say it’s outside the average user’s price range, but for those about to drop six grand on the new Nikon D4, considering its stunning video capability, I could see these cards making their permanent home in many a professional’s camera bag.