Lens/Focus Shifter Lets You Go Pro on a Budget 1

Focus better, both on your work and with your camera, with the Lens/Focus Shifter. It’s a simple, relatively inexpensive, and extremely useful follow focus accessory that is compatible with lenses that have circumferences from 176mm to 308mm.

The neat thing about the Lens/Focus Shifter is that it doesn’t require any extra attachments, like rails, for it to be used with your shooter. It’s described as a “stand-alone follow focus and focus marker board” that will make the lives of many photographers and cinematographers easier.

Follow Focus

The Lens/Focus Shifter comes with a reusable Focus Marker, where all you need to create the marks is a dry erase pen. You can then transition and shift between these focus points by moving the lever on the Shifter.

The project is currently up on Kickstarter, where a minimum pledge of $45 will get you one of these Shifters (the designer has yet to decide whether it will be called a Lens Shifter or a Focus Shifter) that contains the folowing:

  • “Voters Choice Name” Shifter
  • Focus Marker Board
  • Bag of black elastic bands to hold the Focus Marker Board to the lens.
  • Fine tip dry erase marker (not shown)

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