Lensbaby Joins iPhone Lens Race With Sweet Spot Lens 0

With Apple’s recent patent award on attachable camera lens for the iPhone, it just makes perfect sense to ride the bandwagon as early as now. That’s probably one of the main reasons why Lensbaby is testing the waters on such lenses. The Creative Focus Lens is a Kickstarter project by the lens company that aims to bring the “sweet spot” to iPhones. The patent-pending Sweet Spot Lens will let you focus on one point of image with the surrounding edges become gradually blurred. See sample photos below. This type of look is what Lensbaby is known for their lenses. Watch the video below to see the iPhone lens in action. And if you’re interested, you can pledge at least $50 to get one. Estimated delivery date is within May 2014.

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lensbaby-sweet-spot-iphone-lens lensbaby-sweet-spot-iphone-lens-sample-photo lensbaby-sweet-spot-iphone-lens-sample-photo-1

[Kickstarter via Petapixel]