Lens Cap Strap Holder Makes Sure You Won’t Lose Any More Caps 0

I’ve heard some people say, “The more creative the mind, the more forgetful.” I guess in a way, this is true. I’ve lost track of the number of photographer friends I have who have complained that they have misplaced and lost another one of their lens caps again. I mean, only really creative minds can come up with works like the Tree, Line and Visible Light.

“I just stopped to take a shot of [insert place or object here] as I was passing by, and the next thing I knew, my lens cap was nowhere to be found.”

“We had to wrap the shoot up in [insert duration here], and I just had to capture a shot of [insert subject here] by the [insert location here].”

Lens Cap

Well, I know what I’m going to be getting them this Christmas: these rad Lens Cap Strap Holders that make sure that the last lens cap they lost will definitely be the last one they lose.

The Lens Cap Strap Holder is available in four sizes. All you have to do is pick out the one that’s the size of your lens cap, and you’re all set. The holder slides onto your camera strap easily, so no trouble there. So when you’re about to take a shot, just snap your lens cap onto the holder, take your shots, and don’t worry about losing it ever again.

The Lens Cap Strap Holder is available from Photojojo for $18.