Lens Baby’s New Edge 80 Offers Cutting Edge DOF Control 0

Over the years LensBaby has given photographers a lot to be thankful for. From macro converters to fish eye and soft focus optics that are an asset to any photog’s camera bag. Adding to that list today, LensBaby has just announced their new Edge 80 Optic – an optic which, when mounted into one of their several lens bodies, offers either high quality straight lens shots or tilt lens “slices” of sharp focus.

This sort of Depth of Field (DOF) manipulation is one of the things LensBaby is known for; however, in the past their lens bodies and optics have been manufactured to provide a “sweet spot” of focus which you can move by tilting the lens body. The Edge 80 optic and its ability to provide a slice of clarity brings with it a plethora of portrait taking and art photography possibilities.

On the technical side, the Edge 80 Optic retails for 300$ MSRP and will work with LensBaby’s┬áComposer Pro, Composer, Muse, Scout and Control Freak Lens bodies. The optic also comes with LensBaby’s 12 blade aperture which ranges from f/2.8 to f/22, giving you the ability to alter the size of the “clarity slice” and, if you’re good, produce photographs like the one below:

Unfortunately, the Edge 80 is not compatible with the Composer with Tilt Transformer for Micro 4/3rds and Sony NEX Cameras, nor can it be used with the current 37mm LensBaby accessories, but it can still be paired with the aforementioned macro converter, essentially doubling the creative possibilities.