Leica Rumors: X1 Discontinued and Possible Launches for May 10th Event 0

It looks like Leica will be discontinuing the X1 soon, as their price list now marks the black and silver models as “ausverkauft” or “sold out.” The X1 was announced alongside the M9 last September 2009, and if the rumors are proven correct, then both cameras will be replaced soon with updated versions. An announcement for the M10 has already been in the wings, so we might see an X2 sometime this year as well.

Leica X1 Discontinued

We know that Leica will be dividing their product announcements for 2012 into two events: one on May 10th and all the rest at Photokina later in September. Earlier, we reported that the Leica M10 will be revealed at the latter event, although several sources now point towards a May 10th launch.

We’ll all just have to wait and see when Leica will be making the big reveal for its up-and-coming shooter. And while we’re on the subject, Leica Rumors has done a good job at gathering various tidbits of news and rumors to come up with this list of possible launches that the manufacturer might have planned for the May 10th event:

  • New Leica M9-P Hermes edition camera to be made available in two sets of blue-grey colors
  • Leica X2
  • A new Leica mirrorless system camera
  • Leica M digital camera with a black and white sensor
  • A “regular” Leica M10 camera update
  • Leica S lenses: 30-90mm zoom and/or a new super wide angle 24mm prime.
  • A new Summicron-M 50mm ASPH lens

Are you excited yet? I know I am.

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