Leica M and Nikon G Adapters for Pentax Q, Announced 0

Over the last few weeks, Pentax has released the 2012-2013 roadmap for their K-mount lenses and the lens roadmap for their Pentax 645 and Q mounts.

You can see that the manufacturer has a lot of new offerings in-store for the next several years. But if they don’t have what you’re looking for, there’s no need to fret because that’s the great thing about mirrorless camera systems: you can go for a variety of third-party lenses instead with the use of mount adapters.

The latest of these for the Pentax Q are Rayqual’s Leica M and Nikon G adapters.

Leica M and Nikon G mount adapters

The thing with using your Nikon G or Leica M lenses with the Pentax Q is the 5.5 crop factor you’ll experience because of the shooter’s tiny sensors. It is for this reason that the Rayqual adapters come attached to a tripod mount.

The Leica M adapter will be priced at ¥22,050 ($279) , while the Nikon G adapter will sell for ¥29,400 ($372). They will be released to the market by late April or May.

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