Leica Enlists The Services Of Apple’s Jonathan Ive In Designing A Limited Edition Camera 0

Apple and Leica fans around the world will be glad to hear that Leica is going to produce a limited edition Leica M to be designed by Jonathan Ive. And get this, it’s not going to be just a few units, but only a single camera is going to be manufactured. The only way to get this special Leica M is through an auction, which is going to be conducted in collaboration with U2’s lead vocalist Bono.

Complete details of the said camera has not been revealed. It’s really interesting to know how Ive is going to approach the camera in terms of design. Maybe we’ll finally see a unibody camera? Or maybe the Apple design genius is going to show us something completely different this time.

Whatever form factor the Leica M is going to come with, one thing’s for sure though, the potential owner is going to need a lot of extra cash to spare in winning this one at the auction.