Leica Announces a Limited-Edition MP for Taiwan’s Centenary Establishment 0

Centennials are a huge deal. Commemorating a historic event 100 years after it happened calls for something special and, in Leica’s case, something limited edition.

The camera manufacturer is rumored to announce its up-and-coming M10 shooter, but Leica has instead revealed the limited edition MP that it has come up with especially for Taiwan’s Centenary Establishment.

Leica MP Taiwan

Leica MP Taiwan

These cameras don’t come cheap, as they are priced at NT$360,000 (US$12,185) each. However, only a hundred of them will be produced, so you can expect prices to increase through the years because of its limited availability.

The camera features a copper and zinc-alloy body, while the the upper and lower lids are military grey, which resembles the Leica M2 Grey film camera that was launched in 1960. The Leica MP also uses “Vulcanite” leather that was on the Leica M8.2. Another special feature is the engravings of “MP100 – XXX” on the top camera shoe, the chinse words “Exciting Hundred 1912 – 2011”, and Taiwan’s national flower, the plum blossom. Such a limited edition Leica MP camera would surely appeal to collectors.

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