Legally Blind Photographer Nabs Grand Prize in the National Photography Competition 0

Photography isn’t an easy field to break into. There are techniques to be learned, skills to be developed, and an eye that must be trained both technically and creatively. However, Tara Miller, who hails from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, has defied a lot of expectations by winning the grand prize at the 2011 CNIB Eye Remember National Photography Competition. And these are just the most basic of expectations like having the capacity to see, because Tara is legally blind.

Tara had Glaucoma at a young age, which has caused her to gradually lose her sight. However, that didn’t stop her from capturing a stunning image of lightning lighting up the sky over a sunflower field during a sunset.

Tara Miller

Tara was able to capture the image with the help of her son. She says: “I have struggled with my vision loss due to Glaucoma and found my ‘inner peace’ when I took up photography again with the advantages of the digital age. I want to let others know not give up what you are passionate about.”

Her story just goes to show that photography isn’t just for capturing memories or a professional line of work. It’s also something that can touch people and change lives in the process. You can take a peek at more visions of artistry in One Second of Beauty.

[via CNN]