Learn Photoshop & Win Prizes With Adobe’s LevelUp 0

Looking to learn Photoshop but dread the act of learning? Well, my dear friend, you’re in luck. A new service has just hit the scene from Adobe that looks to take the boring out of learning by turning the whole thing into a game. As you’re sure to know, Adobe’s Photoshop has essentially become the golden software standard within the photography industry, making being an expert crucial.

Adobe Photoshop CS6

But what exactly is this service that Adobe is calling LevelUp? Well, if you’ve ever played pretty any type of modern online game the whole thing will seem very familiar to you. LevelUp is a series of missions (which are essentially individual lessons) that, when completed, will reward you with an achievement. Accrue enough achievements and you will find yourself on the weekly leaderboard among other fledgling Photoshoppers. But, fame isn’t the only thing you’ll earn when you find yourself on that leader board.  Adobe is also giving away prizes. The prizes contain things such as Amazon.com giftcards and free subscriptions to the Adobe Creative Cloud which allows digital access to the entire Creative Suit 6 line up.

To get started, Adobe has bundled the game into a downloadable extension for both Photoshop CS5 and the more recent Photoshop CS6. Before installing however, Adobe urges players to make sure their web client is up to date to avoid any compatibility issues.

We’ve yet to dig into the game ourselves but once we give it a go we’ll be sure to report back and let you know what we discover. LevelUp, along with online coding services like Codecademy, that award prizes for learning may very well be the future of education. Are you in?