Leaked Photos Lead to Speculation of Nikon D800 Unveiling at CES 2012 0

Although the buzz from Nikon has mostly been about the release of their D4 camera, rumors have been circulating that Nikon may have a surprise for CES 2012 attendants next week. The surprise may be a preview of the new Nikon D800. The speculation comes from the appearance of a mystery camera in a banner ad found briefly on the manufacturer’s German website.

The released image clearly resembles the rumored predecessor of the camera, the Nikon D700. The D700 is a DSLR camera released back in 2008 by the company. The speculated features of the D800 would be a major upgrade from the D700. Some of the reports talk of a 36 megapixel sensor, dual memory card slots, GPS capabilities, an oversized LCD screen, 1080p high def video recording and 3.0 USB port.

After Nikon got a barrage of questions regarding the mystery camera, the banner ad was taken down. Hopefully, next week more details will emerge including an official list of specs for the D800.

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