Leaked Images Of Nokia Phone With EOS Brand Spin Rumor Mill Again 0

Just a couple of months ago, it was rumored that Nokia is launching a new Windows Phone called Nokia EOS. Yep, the same brand that Canon is carrying on some of their digital cameras.

The fire created by the rumors is now fueled with more wood as two sources (GSM Arena and ViziLeaks) leaked photos of a new smartphone that comes with a protruding camera on its back. Reports have it that the camera features a high-capacity sensor with the same 41MP found on the Nokia 808 PureView.


Just by looking at the photos, the camera module at the backĀ of the “Nokia EOS” is now neater and looking more like a modern point-and-shoot camera than WALL-E’s love interest. (I don’t know about you but the PureView 808’s back still reminds me of EVE.)


Other camera specs include a flash and LED that look the same as that of the Lumia 928.


Lumia 928

Overall, the said EOS phone has the same design that we see in other recent Nokia smartphones. If this is indeed real, then Nokia fans will now have a good reason to upgrade to a slimmer PureView 808-like smartphone.