Kodak, Still Alleging Patent Infringement, Goes After Fujifilm 0

Most of us are already aware of Kodak’s financial woes and what they’re doing to try to fight bankruptcy: sell off some of their patents. Apparently, another strategy of theirs is to fire off a barrage of lawsuits to firms that are doing relatively well. First, Kodak sued Apple and HTC for infringing their patents in the creation of some of these two firms’ most popular smartphones and gadgets, including the Apple iPad and HTC’s Wildfire and Sensation.

Now Kodak is going after fellow camera manufacturer Fujifilm.


Kodak announced that they were filing a lawsuit against Fujifilm for infringing on patents that are related to Kodak digital imaging technology.

Timothy Lynch, the Chief Intellectual Property Officer of the firm, alleges that Fuji refused to take a license for using technology Kodak developed, saying: “Not only have we failed to reach an agreement, but Fuji resorted to filing suit against us in October in what was a thinly veiled attempt to redirect attention from their continued use of Kodak patented technology.”

The patents that Kodak has accused Fujifilm of infringing upon are the following:

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