Kipon Announces M-mount Lens Adapter for Fuji X-Pro1 0

Here’s some good news for photographers who have been hoping to use their Leica lenses on the Fuji X-Pro1: third-party manufacturer Kipon has announced the availability of their M-mount adapter which will allow just that. Aside from this, Kipon will also be offering Nikon and Contax verions of the mount.

Purchasing one of these mounts might seem premature if you’re in the US, since the Fuji X-Pro1 doesn’t begin shipping until the end of this month.

Kipon M-mount lens adapter

The mount adapters that Kipon will be shipping out for the Fujifilm X-Pro1 include the  Leica/M-FX, Contax G-FX, Nikon-FX, and L39-FX.

If you prefer official accessories, you can wait for Fujifilm to release their own M-mount adapter later this year. This was confirmed by the manufacturer at the CES 2012 held at the beginning of this year.

It’s not yet available online, although you can bookmark the Kipon USA site and check back often to see when they’ll be making it available.

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