Kickstarter Project GoPano Micro Hits Production 0

The purists dismiss it, and the fanboys worship it, but the truth of the matter is, when it comes to consumer photography, nothing beats the almighty iPhone 4. This ubiquitous little device has captured the imagination of millions and spawned an entire new photography culture. And no matter which end of the spectrum you belong to, chances are you have been impressed by the intriguing Instagram flavored images or the hipster shots of hipstamatic.

Now iPhone 4 users can tap into their creative side further and take stunning panoramic videos from the good old iPhone courtesy GoPano. For the uninitiated, GoPano was a Kickstarter project which now has seen mass-production (don’t you just love happy endings?). The device attaches to the iPhone and in conjunction with the GoPano app lets one take stunning 360º panoramic videos without using any complicated image editing software.

Recording 360º panoramic videos instantaneously is not something many apps or iPhone accessories can boast off and there is some extremely satisfying to know, that one can view the work of art from any angle or perspective at any given time.

Cashing onto the Instagram trend, the Think Tank of GoPano have also created an online community, where one can share their videos and bond with like minded people. Unfortunately, the GoPano is only compatible with the iPhone 4 and at $79.9 not the cheapest iPhone 4 accessory out there.

For more information you should check it out in action in the video posted below and also check out the homepage.