Keep Track of Your Shoot Locations With Map-A-Pic 1.21 for Android 0

A lot of photography-related apps I’ve seen lately are for iOS. Now, I’m not complaining because I have an iPhone. However, those who have smartphones that run on Android or on Windows might have some beef as to why all the really cool apps (like Anticrop and Smile2Shoot) just run on iOS.

But today, the tables are turned with the Map-A-Pic app for Android. You’re probably already well aware of the fact that the life of a photographer is a busy one. The schedules are usually tight, the deadlines keep on coming, and sometimes, there’s just not enough time in the day to drive out around town to check out locations for future shoots.

Map-a-Pic Screenshots

That’s where the new, updated version of Map-A-Pic comes in. Before the upgrade, the app basically functioned as a location manager or database, where you could save locations where you’ve previously shot at.

This new version adds a really unique feature that’s powered by Panoramio: Public pictures! With this, you can use the app as a location scout to look up certain areas that might exude the vibe or look that you’re aiming for in your shoots–all without having to leave your office or studio. Thanks to Panoramio, you can get access to thousands of images that other photographers have shot in certain locations near you, so you can see different views of the area as well.

Here are some more of the app’s features:

• One-tap saving of locations
• View locations on a map or as a list
• Filter locations by tags
• Add pictures to your locations (1 picture, or up to 10 if you purchase this premium paid feature)
• View public pictures taken by Panoramio users at your locations (premium paid feature)
• Get driving/walking directions to any location
• Update the exact location on the map by simply moving the marker with your finger
• Email your locations to yourself or a friend
• Automatically get the street address based on the GPS position of a location

The basic version of the app is available for free on the Android Market. However, you’ll have to purchase the paid version to access some premium features, which are noted above.

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