iZZi Orbit & iZZi Solo – iPhone Camera Enhancers You May Actually Care About 0

Due to the rise of the iPhone (and other smartphones) being used as high quality cameras, there are countless attachments and accessories to choose from. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it makes it very hard to determine what is junk and what’s worth a second look. Luckily, that’s what we are here for and today a Kickstarter project dubbed the iZZi has caught our eye. Right off the bat we have to come clean, this is yet another iPhone attachment that looks to essentially blur the gap between a traditional camera and a smartphone camera. Luckily, this one is a bit different and may soon become the de facto attachment for iPhone-photographers.

From the most basic level of understanding, the iZZi Orbit & iZZi Solo are two different cases milled from aluminum that feature lenses for the iPhone. Of course, this isn’t anything that is exactly new as we’ve seen (and reported on) many different cases with similar features. However, the folks behind this product do it a bit differently by incorporating 3 different lenses that are permanently attached to the case which allows you to quickly switch between them a la the iZZi Orbit. This is in contrast with other cases which have users physically removing and reattaching different lenses. On the other hand, if you are one who is more partial to such a method iZZi will cater to you as well with the iZZi Solo which mounts one lens at a time that can be swapped out for other lenses.

In terms of the actual lenses, the iZZi Solo will ship with a fish eye lens while the iZZi Orbit ships with the same fish eye lens, wide angle lens and a telephoto lens – all which can be put to good use in different scenarios.

Above all else the thing that really stood out to us here is the apparent build quality. While other photography focused iPhone cases look very flimsy, the iZZi does not. We’re not talking about simply feeling good in the hand either as this attachment looks like it can take a serious beating thanks to it being milled from a solid block of aluminum. If you ask us, it also looks damn good in its various color schemes:

As of now, the project is 100% funded with the funds going out on October 8th. According to the Kickstarter listing, the first production ready shipments of the iZZi Orbit and iZZi Solo will be going out in 4-6 weeks after October 8th. Price wise, you’re looking at $130 for the iZZi Solo with fish eye lens and $230 for the iZZi Orbit with all 3 lenses which may seem a bit steep but this case looks to really deliver in the quality department. Of course, until we get our hands on one we won’t know for sure.

[Kickstarter via iZZiGadgets]