iVigilo App Turns Your iPhone Into A Security Camera 0

Well, here’s an app for your iOS device that can pretty much do what the iCharge can. They don’t exactly work or function the same way, but both are similar in the sense that they can both be used as security tools.

While the iCharge has a hidden camera built into it so you can stealthily record video, the iVigilo Smartcam Pro turns your device into a security camera instead.


iVigilo makes use of the camera on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad to capture real-time images and stream them onto the Internet. You can then view the stream anytime to make sure that your house, room, safe, or whatever else you want to keep an eye on is secure.

The video stream is activated either by motion or face detection. The user will then be alerted that the stream has been activated either with an email or with a tweet on Twitter. Aside from streaming it live, the motion events will also be captured as high-resolution images.

The iVigilo Smartcam Pro is available from the Apple App Store for $1.99.

[Uber Gizmo]