Is This The Samsung NX20? 0

Rumors about the Samsung NX20 mirrorless camera have been running rampant for almost a year now. The up-and-coming shooter is the successor of the NX10 and will probably be released alongside the NX200, which will replace the NX100 as well.

Some people thought that Samsung would be unveiling the shooters at CES 2012, but the event came and went without any word on the camera. Now the latest rumor is that the NX20 will be released next month, but we all know the drill: before every release, there’s almost always going to be some leaked images.

The following image that is purportedly the Samsung NX20 has been posted on Photo Rumors:

It’s a very odd angled shot of the camera. In fact, it hasn’t even been verified that this image is of the NX20, but perhaps we’ll see clearer and better images in the coming days. Stay tuned!

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