Is Samsung About to Announce the NX300 and a New 32MP CMOS APS-C Sensor? 0

There has been a lot of talk lately about Samsung’s up-and-coming cameras: the NX20 that will be replacing the NX10, and the NX200 that will be succeeding the NX100. Unconfirmed rumors about an NX210 and NX1000 have also made the rounds on the Internet, which we’ve rounded up for you below:

  • The Samsung NX210 will be the same as the NX200 but will have added Wi-Fi capabilities and will be available in April 2012.
  • The Samsung NX20 will be available in May 2012. It will have a retro Konica IIIa design with 1.8M EVF, manual control, and swivel AMOLED display. It will have the same sensor as the NX200, but with a better processor and buffer. The retail price for NX20 body is only $950. There will be two new lenses: the 16-80mm and 12-24mm, and a new flash.
  • The Samsung NX1000 will be a cheaper NX model, which will available in May, 2012.

Samsung NX300 Rumor

Another camera to join that list is the Samsung NX300. This shooter, which is rumored to be released in July, will have the same design as the NX20 but without the EVF. The post, which you see above, was made by a member of the DP Review forum who posted details about Samsung’s NX200 a few months before it was officially announced.

Moreover, Samsung is said to have a new APS-C 32MP CMOS sensor for the NX system in the works. The sensor will come with an RGB-W aleatory pattern, no low pass filter, a new gapless microlens array with edge optimization, and a new on-chip noise reduction architecture.

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