iPhone Shutter Remote Lets You Capture iPhonetographs From 30 Feet Away 0

A lot of people have grown to rely on their iPhones for their picture-taking needs. Firms have capitalized on this, which is why you now see camera-related accessories and lenses (and lens wallets to keep them all in!)

The latest add-on gadget for your iPhone is the iPhone Shutter Remote. It’s basically a remote that will let you takes pictures and shoot video on your smartphone, even when you’re up to thirty feet away from it. Obviously, you’d need something to prop the phone up, too, so the folks over at Photojojo have kindly included a stand with it.

iPhone Shutter Remote

The Shutter Remote connects to your iPhone via Bluetooth and is compatible with theĀ iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone 3GS, 4/4S that are running iOS 4.3 or later. It seems pretty cool, except for its $40 price tag.

iPhone Shutter Remote

If you’re into iPhonetography, then it’s all good. (And you can head on over to Photojojo to purchase.) But if you’re not, then you might want to look into other digital cameras that can give you better quality shots at half the price you’d be spending on all these iPhone lenses and accessories.