iPhone Remote Control For Canon DSLR Cameras 0

Last year, Satechi released the WTR-A Wireless Timer Remote Control Shutter for the Canon 5D Mark III. This year, Satechi announced yet another shutter remote and intervalometer for Canon DSLR cameras: the BT Smart Trigger.


The new device differs from the WTR-A because it uses an iPhone or iPad as a remote and is mounted on the camera’s hotshoe. It connects with the iDevices using Bluetooth 4.0 and its Smart Trigger app with a range of 50 feet. Features include shooting modes like Regular Shot, Manual Shot for long exposure, and Timed Shot for time-lapse.


For owners of a Galaxy S3 or Galaxy Note 2, a compatible Android app for your phones is already in the works and will be available within March.

The Satechi BT Smart Trigger is probably not capable of streaming a live feed from your camera’s viewfinder. However, at the price of around $50, this is already a good camera accessory for any Canon DSLR and iPhone owner who enjoy taking long-exposure and time-lapse shots.