iPhone Lens Wallet Keeps All Your Lenses In Your Pocket 1

Most people don’t normally carry a camera with them when they’re out and about. What they’ll normally carry around with them, though, is their smartphone. Most mobiles nowadays have already been equipped with integrated cameras, like Apple’s highly-popular iPhone.

Developers who caught on to this eventually came up with photography apps for the device, such as Instagram. Aside from that, cell lenses that were made specifically for use with cellphone cameras were also released. Photojojo notably has a whole range of cell lenses with fisheye, macro, wide angle, and telephoto lenses in their line.

iPhone Lens Wallet

I have no doubts with regards to the functionality of these lenses. They allow you to change up how you take images with your smartphone camera and let you achieve certain looks that you can only get with the lenses.

What is a bit of a hassle, though, is carrying around these lenses. For one, they’re tiny, so you’d need some sort of case to hold them all together. And then there are the bulkier telephoto lenses. Carrying the entire set used to be a hassle–and I say “used to,” because Photojojo has introduced the solution to all your lens transporting woes: the iPhone Lens Wallet.

iPhone Lens Wallet

The Wallet is a bright blue, foldable carrying case for all of your lenses and for your iPhone as well. It has a built-in magnetic strip that can hold your Macro/Wide Lens, the Fisheye, and the 2x Telephoto Lenses. It also comes with custom belts to hold your 8X Telephoto Lens in place and an iPhone holder.

iPhone Lens Wallet

The outside of the Wallet is fashioned from nylon, so it’s tough, while it’s lined with felt on the inside to protect your lenses from scratches and whatnot.

The iPhone Lens Wallet retails for $15, while the entire set of four lenses (with the wallet, of course) is priced at $100.