iPhone Lens Dial 0

If you’re like many iPhone owners, chances are you love taking photos and seeing what your phone can create. So that’s why the new iPhone Lens Dial is the perfect gadget for you. This case comes with three optical quality coated glass lenses. Those include Wide Angle, Telephoto, and Fisheye. It comes with a nice aluminum jacket and has two tripod mounts, for portrait or landscape shots. What’s nice is the lenses are always available to you because they are actually part of your phone case. Lightweight and durable, this new phone case is making some noise even though there is other competition for a phone case like this.

Now, this is similar to the recently announced Holga iPhone case that has 9 lens filters, but this one is much more professional. It’s quite expensive, though, but if you love shooting with your iPhone then you won’t mind forking out $249 to purchase this case. One thing is certain; the iPhone Lens Dial will most definitely breathe new life into your iPhone! It’s made for iPhone 4/4s only and weighs in at 10 ounces. To switch lenses, all you have to do is rotate the dial and your set.  The Wide Angle is 0.7x that’s best for nice landscaping shots and the 0.33x fisheye can make things fun again. You can switch to the 1.5x Telephoto to get even closer to the subject you’re shooting.