ioShutter Remote Trigger Now Available 2

Photographers can find a hundred and one uses for camera triggers: From controlling a timelapse, to keeping a camera steady when using an ultra zoom lens, to having your camera fire when a specific event occurs. A popular universal trigger remote is Triggertrap, which was funded via the crowd-sourcing platform called Kickstarter.

There are also remote controlled triggers that work in conjunction with your smartphone. One of these is TriggerHappy, which works with iOS and Android devices. TriggerHappy is currently up on Kickstarter as well, and since it has received over a hundred thousand dollars in funding it’s safe to say that it’s going to be in production soon.

However, if you need a smart phone remote trigger right now, you might want to check out the ioShutter.

iOS Shutter

ioShutter is a system that lets you use your iPhone, iPod, or iPad as a remote trigger for your Canon, Hasselblad, or Pentax camera. The system is comprised of the ioShutter cable, which physically connects your camera and smartphone, and an app of the same name that you can download from the iTunes App Store.

“With your ioShutter cable plugged in, the free ioShutter app then gives you a ton of fun functions; options for Timers, Bulb setups for long exposures to get that great night sky or cityscape shot, Timelapse programmes and two unique world firsts: ClapToSnap sound trigger and ShakeToTake movement trigger.”

— James Madelin, Enlight Photo founder

The ioShutter release cable is available from the Enlight Photo Online Pro Store for $69.99, while the pro version of the ioShutter app is priced at $9.99.

In-Depth Review

We’ve completed our in-depth review of ioShutter.  Check it out here.

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