iOS iPhoto App Reaches 1 Million Users in First 10 Days 0

The new iPad has been a pretty big hit since it was announced earlier this month, surpassing the 3 million sold mark and – heating issues aside – causing quite a stir regarding its retina display and camera.

But the un-sung hero of the iPad announcement wasn’t the iPad itself, but rather the new iPhoto app, which Apple released the same day. And while iPhoto is far from being the kind of photo organizer and editor that programs like Adobe Lightroom 4 are, the app version is one of the best options for photographers and consumers alike looking to organize some of their snapshots on their iPad.

Fortunately, it seems the new app is no longer as un-sung as it once was, because news has now reached us that the app acquired over 1 million users in the first 10 days after its March 7th release. In fact, iPhoto has managed to clinch the 3rd spot on the app store’s “top paid apps” list, behind the likes of “Angry Birds Space” and “Draw Something.”

Say what you will about smart phones and tablets as serious photography gear, with apps like Photoshop Touch and the new iPhoto, not to mention the TriggerHappy app in development, it’s not long before your phone or tablet become a permanent addition to your camera bag.

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