iON Air Pro 3 HD Joins Action Camera Race 0

Joining the fast-growing market of wearable sports shooters is the iON Air Pro 3 HD video camera. As a GoPro competitor, the tiny camera doesn’t even come in a box-shaped form.

Instead, it prefers to have a cylindrical body like the Swann Bold HDMonoprice MHD, and Panasonic HX-A100.

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The Air Pro 3 is capable of taking 12MP photos and 1080p HD videos (up to 60 frames per second) with its 160-degree lens. Unlike the GoPro specie, the iON rugged camera is submersible up to 49 feet without an extra waterproof casing.


Using its Wi-Fi capabilities and the iON app (available in Android and iOS), you can upload all content taken by the Air Pro 3 to your favorite social network.

The iON Air Pro 3 will cost you $349 a piece.

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