International Space Station To Be Outfitted With HD Camera 0

If there are people who are interested in taking photos of other galaxies, then there are also those who love to view our own beautiful planet. And that’s the very reason why Canadian company UrtheCast is planning to install HD cameras on the International Space Station (ISS).

The said HD cameras are going to be attached by Russian cosmonauts on the underside of the ISS. A total of two cameras will be mounted, the first is fixed in place, while the other one is moveable and can be redirected to specific targets. The cameras can capture a 3.3ft per pixel images, which is comparable to Google Earth and other satellite images.

According to UrtheCast, the cameras are going to stream a live feed of Earth for everyone to see. What’s unique about the imaging devices is that UrtheCast is going to release a developer API so that anyone can build apps using the pictures taken by the cameras.

However, we’ll have to wait until spring 2013 for us to be able to enjoy those images.