Internal Body Shots: The New Photography Craze? 0

Next on the list of never-ending tabloid rumors is that the E! Network is on the lookout for a tiny camera. A TINY camera – one that is even smaller than this Swanga one we featured a few days ago. Just how small? Small enough to get pictures of Kourtney Kardashian’s latest pregnancy, from the inside. There is probably little truth to this grocery store headline, but it is even possible? Are there cameras that could not only fit inside a human, but withstand its functions? Actually, yes.

Microcameras are now coming as small as a grain of salt. In a Discovery article, we are told how German engineers created the mini vessel to help improve medial treatments and operations. The machines provide inside-the-skin images to help detect diseases such as cancer. However, the cameras, while high tech enough for doctors, don’t offer much in the way of resolution. So, although the technology does exists, it seems the world is safe from a literal behind the scenes viewing of a Kardashian uterus.

Photo courtesy of Discovery News.