InstaSolution to Save Your Instagrams: Instaport and InstaBackup 0

You’ve probably heard by now that Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion. The value of the sale is huge–so huge, in fact, that some people are saying that it might lead to yet another bubble.

But current Instagram users aren’t concerned of an impending bubble. Rather, they’re concerned about the privacy factor and the state of their images now that Facebook is taking the reins.

Instagram has announced that the mobile app will remain supported even with the Facebook acquisition, but some folks are opting to pull their images out of the site’s servers and store them on their PC.
If you’re thinking of doing the same, then you might want to check out Instaport and InstaBackup.


Instaport is a website that allows you to download all of your Instagram images in a .ZIP file. The site also lets you shift your photos directly to Facebook, Flickr, or your RSS feed. Note that a lot of people are using the site to transfer their own photos, so exports might take a longer time than usual.


If Instaport is taking too long for you and you’ve got a Mac, then you might want to look into InstaBackup instead. This Mac OS X application lets you save all of your Instagram photos on your hard drive. You can download InstaBackup here.

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