Instagram On Your Wall 0

We all know by now how popular Instagram is. It’s pretty exciting that it shows no signs of slowing down! There are all sorts of things inspired from Instagram to help it branch out from the computer screens and phone screens.  For example, there’s Stickygram, which allows you to turn your Instagrams into magnets. You can go crazy with decorating your fridge and show off your photos to your house guests without having to take out your phone.  Now there’s another new option in the mix: Instaprint, which allows you to sell your creations – and of course buy others’ creations too!

How it Works

Like Instagram itself, the site is quite simple. You log in with your Instagram account in order to register with them and be able to sell your photos through the site.  If you’re there to just buy products, then there’s no need to login with your Instagram account.  You can search for photos by subject – which is quite the varied list.  The printed products are also a variety. You can choose between: Prints, Canvas, Framed, Unframed, Greeting cards, Acrylic prints, and Posters. The Instaprints site uses museum-quality products only. This means they should be archival – i.e. free of chemicals that cause a photo to deteriorate over time. So your Insta-creations will last a long time! Each print is manufactured at Instaprints’s production facility and delivered “ready-to-hang” with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Artists/Sellers receive a payment from them on the 15th of each month via PayPal for all the orders they received the previous month. Pricing is totally up to the artist too.

Sometimes I’m tired of looking at my instagrams of my adorable dog on my phone’s screen.  He is too cute and would look better on a canvas print on my wall! Whether you’re an amateur or a pro-photographer, chances are you feel the same way about some of the photos you take with your phone.

It is kind of a shocking thought: a photo taken with my iPhone/Android is good enough to be printed on a nice museum quality canvas wrap. Hey, sometimes the photos we take with our phones end up being quite good, or it’s a moment that we never want to forget.  Since we always have our phones on us, it is bound to happen often; the moments we never want to forget end up being taken with our camera phones.  Instaprints looks like a great way to turn it into more than just a photo on your phone’s screen.

[Instaprints via Refinery29]