Instamatic 2014 Concept Smartphone: The Kodak Android Phone 0

It’s really no wonder why camera companies are now slowly entering the smartphone world: the mobile device has single-handedly upended the fate of compact cameras. Even Nikon president Makoto Kimura admitted that smartphones are affecting the camera industry. So that’s why Nikon is working on a secret product (smartphone?), probably to avoid a “Kodak Moment”. Speaking of Kodak, let’s take a look at the Kodak Instamatic 2014, a concept Android cameraphone made by someone who’s probably a die-hard fan of Kodak, or just showing off his/her skills in design. The smartphone features a retro look, 4-inch display, 14MP camera with 4x zoom, 24mm wide lens, HD cam, true Kodak image, and social sharing capabilities. Although, it doesn’t say which Android version it’s using. It’s just unfortunate that Kodak is not making this one at all (but who knows, right?). So I guess let’s just wait for that Nikon smartphone, eh?

kodak-instamatic-2014-1 kodak-instamatic-2014-2 kodak-instamatic-2014-3 kodak-instamatic-2014-4

[Slashgear via Ubergizmo]