Installation Magazine is the Newest Digital Contemporary Art Mag on the Block 0

If you’re a fan of anything and everything artsy, then you might want to check out Installation magazine. It’s a newly-released digital contemporary-art publication that was created by A. Moret and Field Sells, the Literary Director and Creative Director of California-based Installation Media, respectively.

Installation is published quarterly and features the work of artists who work in a variety of mediums. Moret and Sells were raised in South California, explaining why the magazine’s debut centers on a California-inspired theme.


“We’re not tailoring our content to a specific coast or region,” said Sells, “however, we want to create a symbiotic channel for creative ‘import and export’ from California. Our reader is a new breed of collector, including a new generation either starting a collection or expanding on their families’ legacy.”

“I like to think that you can feel the warmth of the sun when reading ‘California’,” added Moret, “because our goal was to make the feeling of living in this surreal space tangible. While our forthcoming issues have unique themes assigned to them, I feel that there will always be a suggestion of California because it is our part of our DNA.”

Since art has been digitized, users can now interact with it on another level. “The unflinching lens of the iPad allows us to get incredibly close without compromising quality,” explains Moret. “Now that the Retina Display is available to us we are able to make beautiful images even more stunning and clear, and the with the iPad you can view artwork from multiple distances unlike the inherent flatness of a magazine page or computer screen.”

You can download the first issue of Installation Magazine here.

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