Instagram for Android Screenshot Disproved 0

There has been quite a bit of attention on Instagram – particularly from the Android community. Further heat was added to the hype about a week ago when a supposed screen shot hit the web showing off Instagram for Android up for download. Due to this “leak”, many were quick to assume that Instagram for Android was finally finished and ready for release.

Unfortunately, contrasting reports have surfaced today that say this wasn’t a leak at all but instead nothing more than a fake. Apparently, whoever released the above screen shot onto the web stumbled across an over the air advertisement showing off a fake version of Instagram for Android. This notion was further proven with screen shots of the popular iOS game Temple Run shown being available for download on Android when in fact, it isn’t.

So, what does this mean for the future of Instagram on Android? Not a whole lot; we’ve heard countless times from official sources that the developers are hard at work getting the app pushed to Google’s open source platform at some point in the near future. So, fake screen shot or not Instagram for Android is on its way and it could┬ábe coming sooner than we think. In the mean time sit tight and we’ll keep you posted with an announcement.