Instagram For Android Displayed at SXSW, Actually Coming Soon 0

It’s hard to find any other smartphone photography application that has taken the world by storm like Instagram has. Sure, Facebook and Twitter users may be sharing photographs left and right using dedicated applications, but Instagram is of another breed. If you’re not familiar with the popular application, it is an iOS (meaning iPhone, iPad & iPod touch) specific application that allows you to snap a picture, apply a filter, and then share it with your friends and other followers. The concept is incredibly simple, and yet simplicity is exactly what has made Instagram a phenomenon.

Despite valuations pegged at hundreds of millions of US dollars, the company behind Instagram has yet to implement a business model for the application. Lucky for investors this will one day change, as Instagram looks to expand onto other platforms and implement things such as promoted photographs (i.e. advertisements) and paid-for filters among other yet-to-be announced revenue generating features.

As you’re sure to know, there’s been talk of Android finally getting its own Instagram app for, seemingly, ever; which is sure to give Instagram’s 27 million active user count a considerable boost. Well, believe it or not, the creators of the app recently took center stage at SXSW to show off the Android specific Instagram. Unfortunately, things were shown very briefly (thus explaining why we have no pictures to show) but more importantly we were told that the application is actually, seriously, coming soon.

How soon you ask? “Very soon” according to the developers; and to top it all off they went so far as ┬áto say that the Android version is actually better than the iOS version “in some ways”. What exactly this means we haven’t a clue, but it’s definitely gotten us anxious for the app to finally drop.