Instagram Finally Coming to Android 0

While professional photographers may opt for a high powered DSLR to do their biddings, amateurs may find a smartphone more suitable. Built into many new smartphones are cameras that are completely capable on their own but with a bit of additional software they are made even better. One such piece of software, known as Instagram, has taken the world by storm allowing anyone with an iOS powered device (such as an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch) to turn their photography into a work of art.

Instagram’s biggest selling point is the plethora of filters that allow users to change the look of their pictures to how they see fit. Want to make your photograph look like a Polaroid? No problem. Want it to look like it was taken with a camera older than you? You got it, as Instagrams’ library of filters has grown to be very expansive and continues to increase at a steady rate.

While iOS users have been benefiting from Instagram for quite some time now, those running Google’s Android haven’t been so lucky. In fact, Instagram currently isn’t available for Android despite the fact that Android is quickly overtaking iOS in marketshare. Luckily, it’s recently been made known that the Android Instagram client is near completion and should be out soon. Unfortunately, we don’t have an exact date on which Instagram will hit the Android Market but we’ve been assured by the studio responsible for the app, Kevin Systrom, that it will be soon.

We’ll keep you posted.