Instagram Camera Glasses Bring Pictures to Life 0

Earlier, we published a piece on the Socialmatic camera, and if that peaked your interest in any capacity then you certainly will be left drooling after reading about the concept behind Instaglasses.

Instaglasses is a conceptual product design that is influenced by Google’s Project Glass and, of course, Instagram. German designer, Markus Gerke, created this ambitious product design by combining a pair of camera capable glasses with Instagram’s various filters.

One side of the glasses allows you to view the world as it is, while the other side displays your surroundings in a chosen filter. Capturing a shot is as simple as a single click of a button and the five megapixel camera embedded into the frame will do the rest. Gerke suggested that the glasses would enable you to apply filters while the shot is being taken — impressive, right?!

According to Gerke, other features of the Instaglasses include: Wi-Fi, 4G connectivity, Seven hours battery life and 2GB on board storage. As purely awesome as this product may sound, and despite the overwhelming support for it, Gerke insists that the Instaglasses is a conceptual product and that he has no ambitions of producing it. For the sake of all the Instagram fanatics, let’s hope he changes his mind.