Induro Dual Range Hi-Hat Tripod Holds Up to 220 Pounds, Doesn’t Mess Around 1

A tripod is one of the most important peripherals a photographer can own. Not only do they allow for still shots that wouldn’t otherwise be possible, but they also keep a camera snug, safe, and in place. But just how safe do some of these tripods actually keep your camera? Well, I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that something like the Twig probably wouldn’t be the best solution for a traditional DSLR, but that’s just me.

In all seriousness, it’s important to get a tripod that you’re comfortable with from all angles (pun intended). For those of you who use a wide array of different cameras, this may be quite a challenge, as varying set ups go hand-in-hand with varying weights. Luckily, the folks over at Induro intend to keep this fuss to a minimum with their Dual Range (DR) Hi-Hat Tripod. Created with both videographers and photographers in mind, the DR Hi-Hat Tripod supports up to 220 pounds, is compatible with just about everything you can throw at it, and looks like something straight out of Star Wars. Not only that, this adjustable tripod is said to be quite rugged. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering the fact that any inanimate object this small that can hold a grown man and live to tell the tale probably puts ruggedness at the top of its list.

In terms of availability, the Induro Dual Range Hi-Hat Tripod is said to be available in July of this year. Unfortunately, we’ve been unable to lock down a solid price for the tripod, but we’ll keep digging and update you once we do.

In the mean time, check out a video demonstration of the tripod below.