Indieshot: The All-In-One Steadicam 0

Indieshot is a conceptual product designed by Grant Parrinello for one of his clients who was looking for a steadicam for DSLR videography. Aside from providing stability to a DLSR camera, the Indieshot also functions as a boom camera, glide track, shoulder mount, and tripod.

Due to its arc shape, Parrinello originally named the product as the DSL-ARC but later opted for the “more descriptive” Indieshot. From its arc shape, the Indieshot transforms into any of the desired functions.

For more pictures of the Indieshot, hit the source link below.

If you’re already excited to get one for yourself, hold your horses,  as the Indieshot is not yet ready. It is presently in the process of being funded and developed further for production.

While waiting for the Indieshot to become commercially available, you might want to settle first with the Aviator Travel Jib.

What’s your take? Is the Indieshot something that you need in videography?

[Grant Parrinello]