Imaging iPhone App ArtPad Is Free For A Limited Time 0

The Apple App store is also rife with special Christmas discounts and offers, as many developers don the hat of Santa. If you’re on a lookout for a cutting-edge creative iPhone app then do download the ArtPad. This photography based app is absolutely free for a limited time, so power up iTunes and hit the download link.

For the uninitiated, ArtPad is a popular app that turns photos into quirky cartoonish graphics and in a nutshell relies heavily on the current trend of image creation.

The possibilities are endless here, since the app comes pre-loaded with a plethora of templates, that includes patterns ranging from body parts to buildings to random shapes. One can also doodle away to their heart content and tap into their silly side as well.

Imaging editing is also a breeze, since it includes a tool-set that features brightness, transparency, tints and intensity controls. Thanks to the on board imaging tool, the app is handy for bloggers and “social recorders” as they can edit photos on the go.

The ArtPad app can be download from the iTunes Store and click on the link here. Another cool app to check out is TouchRetouch.