Image3D Is A Modern Take On View-Masters 0

Before the Cybershots and the fancy mobile cameras there were View-Masters. These fun cameras have enthralled generations of children for decades, but alas in the always competitive megapixel race, got lost somewhere. These days View-Masters are considered more of novelty toys and may be found in a shelf of a toy store or online at the ever dependable Amazon.

The stereo imaging device may have disappeared from the consumer psyche predominantly, but now one can relive the experience of viewing 3-D images on a paper disk courtesy Image3D. This nifty little imaging device seeks inspiration from the erstwhile View-Master models and is the brainchild of renowned photographer Rich Dubnow.

The idea here is to go down memory lane in more sophisticated way. So all one needs to do its to upload their favorite images on the Image3D website, create disks or reels online, pay up, and get it shipped to their address. Once the reels end up in the consumer’s hand, they can view them in the Image3D viewer (which has to be purchased separately).

Remember even though the device says 3D, don’t expect Avatar kinds of effects, as only the text will be in 3D and only those images will be rendered in 3D, which were taken in the format in the first place. The complete kit is available for US$24.95 and for more information head over here.