iLens Concept Camera Is ‘The World’s Slimmest Camera’ 0

Before you read the rest of the post, it’s important to point out that the iLens is just a concept product design, which means the device is still on paper, so to speak.

The iLens is designed by Rishi Soman. According to Soman’s explanation, the concept device is an interpretation of an Apple camera, if ever there was one. It features a dual lens system with a 50mm prime lens. The rest of the specs are explained in detail below:

“Magnetically attachable zoom and telephoto lens give you more dynamic photography options. The magnetically attachable lens sits on top of the primary device lens, which is the 50mm prime lens. The lens and the device communicate to each other via NFC Standard. Gesture sensitive lens casing provide with lens zoom and focus manipulation. Also, an integrated ring type flash unit around the lens casing avoids any shadow cast by the lens. This makes the iLens a powerful camera with a full size image sensor that is genuinely pocket-able. The cubical design for the lens casing, instead of the traditional and a much familiar cylindrical design, was taken into consideration for ease of storage. As DSLR lens do roll away, if handled carelessly. Unlike a DSLR, the image sensor is sealed behind the 50mm prime lens, so there is no chance of sensor dust damage during lens changes. A scratch resistant UV filter tops the lens, so there is no need for a lens cap.”


Basically, the iLens is like an iPod with a large camera sensor on its back.


Now, if only Soman had imagined this as an iPhone with a powerful camera … that could be a real game-changer. But then again, we’re just “imagining” things.


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