Ikelite Underwater Housing For Nikon D5200 0

Ikelite has recently announced their new underwater housing for the Nikon D5200 DSLR camera. The company is reportedly the first to market such a housing for the said “upper entry level” camera.


The features of the underwater housing complements the D5200’s upgraded sensor and image processing. It is made from heavy-duty polycarbonate. It comes with Ikelite’s signature clear design, proprietary TTL circuitry, rubberized grips for quick-release attachment points for accessories, enhanced glass optical viewfinder, depth rating of 200 feet (60 meters), and lens zoom gears.


The Ikelite D5200 housing is made in the USA by experienced divers. If you want it for your D5200, you can grab one this coming March for $1500.

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