iFilm Looks to Replace iPhone Tripods 0

Even those with the sturdiest of hands know that getting a sharp still shot almost always requires some sort of peripheral. In many cases, this means a simple tripod to provide some extra stability. But what happens when you’re on terrain where a tripod just isn’t practical? Normally you would be out of luck, but thanks to an nifty little Kickstater project called iFilm, there may be another option.

First and foremost, iFilm is essentially a tripod replacement accessory for the iPhone meaning exclusive DSLR touters need not apply. But, if you’re fine with snapping a few shots with your iPhone here and there, iFilm may be just the thing for you.

When I imply iFilm is a tripod, it’s not actually a tripod. Instead, it’s a very small peripheral that allows you to position your iPhone at many different angles all while retaining the iPhone’s top notch picture-taking abilities. This means, for example, you will be able to lay the iPhone flat on its back and still get a shot straight ahead. The magic behind this isn’t magic at all, it’s due to a simple mirror installed into the peripheral that reflects what is directly ahead into the phone’s camera sensor.

As you can see, the iFilm features a slot for your iPhone and provides three different settings. One setting is used for a flat surface, as mentioned above, while the other two accommodate hanging or having the iPhone on its side. As of now, the Kickstarter project is more than fully funded with the funds set to release on May 13th. When exactly you will be able to get your hands on a production ready iFilm we aren’t sure, but we’ll certainly let you know once we do.