iCharge Charges Up Your iPhone, And Then Some 0

There are a lot of chargers in the market for your iPhone, but few can do what the iCharge can. Sure, some may be portable or may have extremely unique designs, but can they double as a surveillance camera too?

They probably can’t, but that’s what the iCharge is on the sly.


Surveillance systems are nothing new nowadays. In fact, it’s common for people to check out if there are any cameras installed on the ceilings on any office or room they find themselves in if they’re planning to do some mischief of some kind. Copy some documents? Grab some stuff off your desk? Even mess up your office, in case you’ve got some unruly employees?

Anything’s possible, and the iCharge can help you get to the bottom of everything by recording everything that happens when no one’s around. It looks just like a regular charger for your iPhone, iPod, or iPad, but it’s also got a covert 450 TVL Color CCD camera hidden at the base.

The iCharge records directly onto the included 4Gb SD card, which you can upgrade to 32Gb if you’re planning on recording for an extended period of time. It’s available from Gadgets and Gear, although it’s on a bit pricey at $395.

[Dvice via TechnaBob]