iCandy: An innovative Camera Accessory 0

Kids are easily distracted, which makes taking pictures of them a tricky process. And while there are many gadgets out there that assist photographers in getting their subject’s attention, very few of them actually work; even fewer of them are as universal and multifunctional as the iCandy.

The iCandy camera accessory may just be the ultimate solution for photographers looking to keep their kid subject’s attention while taking their photos. iCandy has a simple construction, consisting of a bracket that is compatible with most DSLR cameras and a mount that allows the photographer to attach a smartphone directly below the camera.

The iCandy accessory is compatible with most smartphones and cameras with a battery grip, like the Nikon D3. It is not just limited to kids and can be utilized for a range of purposes. For instance, the smartphone can be switched to a front facing camera mode which allows models to better understand the photographer’s instructions. It provides models with feedback and can make life a lot easier for professional photographers.

If the iCandy camera accessory sounds right for you or you would like more information, head over to the iCandy Kickstarter page for further details.