Huge Cold War Camera With 100-Inch Infrared Lens, Takes Two To Operate 0

If retro cameras are you kind of thing, you’ll be interested to learn about the U.S. Army’s old reconnaissance camera that was equipped with 100-inch infrared lens; and would need two people to take photos of the enemy’s location from far away. It was used by the Signal Corp during the Cold War era.

The camera was so big that you could easily think it’s some sort of a new artillery. It needs one person to frame the shot, and another one to take the picture. The lens can see through atmospheric haze of more than 20 miles away. The film it used was a 4×5 large format.

Here are sample photos on how powerful the camera was during its time:

The black box in the middle of the top photo shows the field of view of the 100-inch lens. The photo at the bottom shows the image inside that black box.

It’s really fun just to imagine what if lens technology didn’t evolve, we could still be seeing these huge lenses during Olympic games. And, boy, aren’t we glad it did?

[Reddit via PetaPixel]