How to Make A Unique Ring Light AKA ‘Spider Light’ 0

In addition to the previous DIY ring light tutorial we’ve posted here in TogTech, here’s another related DIY project: David Cross’ Unique Ring Light.

Cross, who works at BorrowLenses, has notified the folks over at Fstoppers about his latest creation and willingly shared the steps on how to build one.

Unlike the usual ring light, which literally have lights in circular formation, Cross’ version is more of a modified ring light because the lights expand outside the ring like tentacles. That’s the reason why they’re temporarily calling it the “spider light.”

Anyway, here’s what you need before getting down and dirty:

  • 1 Standard speed ring for speedlights
  • 6 slim, linkable fluorescent under cabinet lights
  • 6 10mm bolts
  • 1 length of flexible 20-gauge metal strap
  • electrical tape

After gathering all the requirements together, you can click the source link below for the complete steps in creating the spider light.

To know what you’ll be getting when using Cross’ special light, see this cool and awesome portrait of himself: