How To Make A Cheap Ring Light 0

Hello TogTech DIYers, here’s another cool project that will surely get your hands a little busier. If you’re done with the OctoDome, the V-Flat portrait gear, the Tilt-Shift Lens Adapter, and the mobile battery power pack, then you’re set to create the continuous ring light.

The DIY righ light is another fun and cheap project from Parker’s Tutorials. Before getting your “mad scientist” mode turn on, make sure to grab these items first:


  • 1 UFO ring light
  • 4 AA battery holder
  • electrical tape
  • soldering iron
  • dremel

After getting all the ingredients, I mean, materials, you can now grab your lab coat and start building your very own ring light by watching this video:

Please do share the results of your genius or hard work by posting some photos of your ring light in the comments below. We all need inspiration, you know.